Heart Burn, the Agony and Ecstasy My Poem for Lent

Here's a poem I wrote on losing my baby daughters in utero. I think it's appropriate for lent. Heart Burn, the Agony and Ecstasy

how dare the sun have shone

on this somber, funereal grey-blue-bleak day

what were the birds thinking, chirping

when we planted them in the ground

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Heart Burn, the Agony and Ecstasy (poem) 

Lenten Sacrifice, Zen, Minimalism, Its all Good

The Catholic penitential season of Lent will soon be here. By prayer, fasting, meditation, we seek to imitate Christ's suffering and passion. Those acts give back, too, in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. They're the deepest Christian expression, but they aren't exclusively Christian. Most major religions have similar elements. No human could really imitate the divine. But it shouldn't prevent us trying. Here's how our family observes lent.   Lenten Sacrifice, Zen, Minimalism, Its all Very Good

Catholic Saint Valentine Lesson Plans and Activities

The story of St. Valentine has nothing to do with flowers and candy. It has nothing in common with romance as we know it. But Valentine's story is spiritually romantic. Valentinius was a Roman Christian priest. In those days, this was not popular. In fact, it was illegal.

Then Emperor Claudius II decided he'd make marriage illegal too--so men would give up women go fight his battles. Not exactly an even quid pro quo. Valentine understood human nature better and performed underground marriages to keep people from burning in lust. And was jailed for his pains. Here are lessons and activities to celebrate the real Valentine.  Catholic Saint Valentine Lesson Plans, Activities

The Lenten Kitchen Egg Foo Young and Skinny

 I'm on a mission to lose 100 pounds and I only have seven pounds left. I'm always asked +How-I-lost-weight and I say, it's not a few big things (drugs, surgery) but a lot of little things. One is tweaking recipes with low-calorie food swaps. Here's today's dinner, made at the especial request of my youngest for her after-school power snack. This recipe makes a great meatless Friday lent treat. See my Lenten Kitchen link for more. Egg Foo Young and Skinny--My Diet Recipe that Everyone Likes!