Lenten Kitchen: Healthy recipes for no-carb weight loss and spiritual fasting

If you're a Catholic fasting for Lent, I have good news. You can also hit your weight loss goals with Lenten fasting. My Lenten Kitchen recipes feature simple, natural, healthy ingredients that help you live lighter. Here are zero point foods from Weight Watchers. The famous weight loss program tracks points so "pointless" or free foods, you can eat as much as you want. This will help you to calm cravings if you're giving up certain foods for Lent. These recipes feature ketogenic and paleo-free foods. With tweaks, these can be used for vegetarian, vegan or gastric bypass surgery diets which Dr. Now of "My 600-lb Life" gives patients.   '   My 600-lb Life'-type no-carb weight loss recipes with Weight Watchers free food

Lenten fasting, Catholic social justice inspired weight loss tips and spiritual diet tips

As Lent approaches, it's time to begin thinking Lenten fasting. And there's great news if you're trying to lose weight. The penitential season is a great time to hit weight  loss goals. Use these diet hacks, based on the church social  justice teachings to live simply, focus on weight and probably drop pounds! .'My 600-lb Life' Weight Loss Tips: Essential diet hacks to nail New Year goals