Free Printable Jewish Calendars, Hebrew Gregorian Calendar Converters

Calendars help us mark time, but not everyone follows the same calendar. The Jewish calendar dates time differently than the western Gregorian calendar. Here are free printable Jewish calendars and calendar converters. Calendars are marked with Jewish holy days. You can print monthly calendars for each month of the Jewish year. You can also print calendars cross-referenced with the western Gregorian calendar. Jewish holy days correspond to many Christian Catholic feasts.   Free Printable Jewish Calendars and Hebrew Gregorian Calendar Converters

Kids who are taught Empathy Learn Generosity too

I just called Number One Son (chronological, no favoritism). I had to nag him to confirm if he'll be flying with us to New Orleans to see his sister and also to find out when he and girlfriend would come for Thanksgiving. Then I found out he isn't coming. He's going to New York to help at a homeless shelter. Here's more about how to teach kids empathy, awareness of poverty and holiday generosity. My Generous Big Little Boy

All Saints Day Holy Day

November 1 is All Saints Day in the Catholic and Orthodox Christian church. Some protestant denominations observe it too. All Saints commemorates the lives of cannonized saints and blesseds who have gone before us and on whose intercession we rely for help (kind of like asking a family member to pray for you).  Here's more on this most sacred of holy days.All Saints Day Blessings and Wishes