Suggestions for Lenten Food Pantry Donations

Do you donate to food banks? It's a great form of lenten almsgiving for Catholic Christians. Food makes good zakat donations for Muslims, too. So what kind of things do you give? I have issues with some items our church food pantry requests: Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, boxed macaroni and cheese, boxed potatoes. I don't buy these products and I'm doing people a service not buying it for them. This "food" isn't food at all. It's full of fat and sodium and just convenience junk. If food is going to homeless people, I see why packaged is essential. They have no place to cook. But presumably the recipients of our food pantry do, ergo the Hamburger Helper request. Here's a list of better donations for food pantry donations this lent.   Do You Give to Food Pantries? What Food do You Donate?

Should Articles on Religious Be Banned

Should religious posts be banned on Bubblews? Now wait, before you scream "NOOO! Freedom of Speech! Duh!" or "YESS, Freedom of Religion. Separation of Church and Bubblews! Thank you!" hear me out. I am not seriously suggesting gagging religion. I share about faith, my higher power whom I choose to call God, Catholicism, etc. But some people have suggested that articles on writing sites be banned. And after a discussion on gay marriage turned septic yesterday, I can see why. Read on.  Should Religious Posts Be Banned on Bubblews? - News - Bubblews