Free printable Jesse Tree ornaments and Christmas Bible coloring pages for Advent

Advent is the Catholic Christmas liturgical season leading up to Christmas. It's a minor penitential season like Lent. For four weeks, we pray, fast, read Bible passages on the gospel Christmas story and give alms to the poor. The theme of Advent is to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus. One way is to pray an Advent calendar. Another, related to the Advent calendar is to follow a Jesse Tree.  Free printable Jesse Tree ornaments and Bible coloring pages for Advent 

Free Printable First Holy Communion Cards and Invitations

If you're like me, you get invited to a lot of celebrations.  There are secular ones--graduation, retirement, birthdays--and religious ones--holidays, first communion, baptism, weddings. I love giving gifts, but costs add up. So I use free printable greeting cards to save money. Going to a Catholic or Christian special event? Here are printable cards. Throwing a party? Here are invitations. You'll find printable holiday, wedding, bridal and baby shower and birthday cards, too.  Free Printable First Holy Communion Cards and Invitations

Free Printable Catholic Saints Coloring Pages, Bible Coloring Pages

Catholics celebrate several religious days, referred to as Holy Days. Based on the Bible, these days center around an event in the life of Jesus or His Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. Holy Days are All Saints Day (Nov. 1), Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8), Christmas (preceded by the holy season of Advent), Solemnity of Mary (Jan 1), Ash Wednesday (movable feast which kicks of the holy season of Lent and leads up to Easter), Ascension Thursday (movable feast) and the Assumption of Mary (August 15).

Coming up in October we honor Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Francis on October 4. Then November 1 is All Saints Day and then All Souls Day, Nov. 2. To help explore Catholic saints, feast days, holy days  Free Printable Catholic Saints and Christian Bible Coloring Pages

Free Printable Rosary Devotions, Blessed Virgin Mary Coloring Pages

Catholic and Orthodox Christians celebrate our Blessed Mother Mary all year, but especially in October and May. Mother's Day falls in May and we honor Mary as the Church's spiritual Mother. Our Lady points us to Her Son. She is not in competition with Him. She shows us to pray the rosary; the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries to honor Him and draw near to his Sacred Heart. Here are free printable coloring pages and devotional activities of Mary Mother of God and the rosary.  Free Printable Rosary and Blessed Virgin Mary Coloring Pages and Devotional Activities

Comforing Mothers Who Have Lost Children, Especially on Mother's Day

 Mother's Day is a favorite holiday. I have four lovely kids plus my mother, step mother and mother-in-law. Mother's Day can be bittersweet for kids who have lost moms. And what about the mother who has lost a child? Mother's Day may just be bitter for her. The Mother of Sorrows understand. She had to watch her precious Son, ripped to shreds physically and emotionally. She had to see him completely rejected and be unable to do anything about it. Because she knew He was the Savior of the World, that He had to suffer and die. It must have been hard for her to be the first to understand, the first disciple. With the Blessed Mother as a guide and comfort, here are ways to acknowledge Mother's Day (or just survive) if you or someone you love has lost a child. Mother's Day Activities for Moms Who Have Lost Children

Keep Lenten Virtues Alive, Plant a Memory Garden

For years, my husband and I have maintained graves of loved ones. We always felt a special connection to them when we put flowers on their graves. It's a sore spot, however that once planted, we never got to enjoy the flowers. The only way to take care of them was to make time to visit the cemetery, which in this hectic time is virtually impossible.

So we devised a plan to keep our loved ones' memory sacred by keeping them near. We've developed a memory garden which we maintain right in our backyard. You can make a memory garden easily and inexpensively in any size yard, even make on your patio or deck if you live in an condo or apartment. Here is a step-by-step guide. Keep the Lenten Virtues alive all year in spiritual works of mercy by "praying for the living and the dead."Plant a Memory Garden for Earth Day or Memorial Day

Free Printable Palm Sunday Lessons, Bible Crafts, Coloring, Activities

Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Christians commemorate Palm Sunday as the Biblical triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem one week before His crucifixion. It starts out Holy Week and the countdown to Easter. Palm Sunday is a floating holiday; linked as it is to Lent and Easter which fall at a different time each year. In  2014, it's Sunday, April 13 and Easter is April 20. Here are crafts, coloring and activities for parents to use with children. Use as lessons in homeschool, Christian school, Sunday school or Catholic religious education. These printables provide inexpensive, hands-on ways to explore and celebrate the Palm Sunday.  Free Printable Palm Sunday Crafts, Coloring, Activities

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